17 Years In The Making

A website 17 Years In The Making. Read a short story about my journey to the world of design and software engineering.

17 Years In The Making

Yep, this was 17 years in the making.

Well, not exactly this. I've set up this site much quicker. But I leverage experiences accumulated over some odd 17 years while building websites and software in general.

I'm a software engineer, tinkerer, and like to build things. But I didn't start with code right away. My journey that lead me into the world of software engineering started with gaming and designing websites. In my teens, I've formed an online gaming team. Naturally, we needed a website. Because... all great teams had one. So I set out to create a website. At the time, I didn't know anything about it. I knew there was something called HTML and Microsoft's Frontpage. I knew I could create a website with it. I did. It worked. But, to be honest, it looked pretty awful. It was a start, but I wasn't satisfied. Especially since the design is probably the first thing you'll experience of anything. Other websites looked way better. That's whenI got into web design. I started with some Adobe Photoshop tutorials. It took me quite some time to create good looking websites. Eventually, I got pretty decent at it. And I also learned how to slice the design into pieces and incorporate it into an actual website. Then, I learned about frameworks. The most popular frameworks were written in PHP and you could make dynamic websites with it. I didn't know much about PHP, but I also didn't need to at first. The templating systems was everything I needed to put my design pieces into the website. However, some time later, I wanted to add and customize features on the websites. So, I had to dig deeper and eventually learned somePHP and databases.

That's when I started to fall in love with software engineering. It was a rabbit hole and I followed it. Since then, I've learned about and worked with different programming languages, frameworks, databases, built backends and content management systems from scratch, wrote XML importers, integrated third-party services, worked on native mobile apps, web apps, sent push notifications, learned how to run and maintain code in production, how to manage source code effectively, and many things more.

I've read, watched, gained knowledge and experience around various different topics. Seen all kinds of complexities. And thus also know why it's so important to keep things simple. I didn't talk or write much about it in public previously. But I'd like to change that. And since I'm still learning new things everyday, I feel like now is the time to pass on knowledge I've picked up and will continue to pick up along the way.

So here it is. A simple blog, focused on tech and software engineering with probably some bits of design here and there.

That's what I do. I build things. Mostly with TypeScript and Elixir these days.

Learning new things is more fun together! Feel free to sign up or send a DM on Twitter!